I mentioned that Argentina was like South America trying to be Europe. How so, exactly?

  1. I've been asked for directions (twice!). No more race-based discrimination!
  2. I have a bidet in my room. I think I'll stick with my toilet paper, thanks.
  3. I've actually seen Pepsi. Like, in grocery stores and everything.
  4. Their buses look nicer than Toronto's. Say goodbye to the clowncars (clownbuses?) of the Andes.
  5. Coffee means espresso, not instant. This is a nice change.
  6. The central market is orderly. An orderly South American market? Who ever heard of that? All in all, I think I prefer Bolivia. Sure, you don't know if you'll survive the bus ride, but that's part of the charm!
Published on 26 July 2009 and tagged as
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