Last night, our amazing guide took us to a park in Lima. The park was filled with fountain after fountain of light- and waterworks, including a whole light/sound/water show in one fountain. (Pictures on Flickr.)

It also let me play with my new Canon SX200 IS in the wild. If only the photographer was as good as his camera…

In other news, Spanish classes are going well. I know it’s hardcore nerd, but the podcasts I was using definitely paid off. ‘Coffee Break Spanish’, if anyone’s interested.

And I finally have an idea of where I’ll be using my Spanish, with details of my new placement being settled. I’ll be in Cuzco working in a holistic medical clinic. It sounds pretty big and busy, and I expect that it’ll be a great experience. They even have an in-house lab, which I may be working in.

Yesterday afternoon, we walked down to the ocean-side mall, sat in a cafe, and drank coffee while watching the waves roll in. It’s good to relax.

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