Ten days, actually, and I’ve already lost my camera. On the other hand, I’ve learnt some Spanish, been paragliding, learnt more Spanish, been sandboarding, and still can’t do more in Spanish than try to haggle with a taxi driver. Emphasis on the “try to.” I’ve also been salsa dancing (not my forte), walked and walked around Miraflores (an upscale area of Lima), and seen some traditional Peruvian dance.

Best quote so far: the dune buggy driver saying, “Okay, bye bye now,” just before driving us down a near-vertical dune.

Also, we rode in what I call “Gringo Class” on the bus/coach–the three sol (about one US dollar) “Executive Class” that gives you nothing more than a red seat cover. It’s something they sell to foreigners who don’t understand what’s going on. We made sure to not do that on the way back.

The trip is going quite well so far.

Published on 10 May 2009 and tagged as
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